Welcome to My Kid Did It!  This is a family friendly place where parents and grandparents can post stories about their kids in a safe environment for all ages to read, enjoy and share. 

Every parent and grandparent we know has a story to tell about their kids and grandchildren.  We have many of them that we have shared as our children have grown.  MyKidDidIt.com is a place where you tell those stories to share with the My Kid Did It community.  We are a family friendly site for all ages so please keep it clean.  So feel free to register and post anything that is noteworthy about kids. 

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18+ years old
 Our son and his friends and co-workers enjoying the end of snowboard season last year. We will have to see what mischief they get into this season....
I can no stop laughing...it hurts so much...LOL" I am leaking again and I don't know what it means! " " I should have bought her flowers"   ...
Ah, How Cute!
Zeki loves to watch movies.  Some of his favorite ones are the Harry Potter series.  Whenever we go camping, he will pick up almost every stick he finds and yells "Stupify!" like he is casting a spell on us.  Then he laughs and runs off.
Pets are kids, too!
Pictures are worth a thousand words, but no image can do these two pit bull brothers justice. Earlier the Chester County SPCA posted a picture of Jeffrey, who is blind, and his brother Jermaine, who has dedicated his life to be Jeffrey's loyal guide dog. Here they are as they sleep, holding on to ea...
18+ years old
My son, Brad, has been serving in the US Navy as a Pharmacy Technician for the last 3 years.  I am so proud of him and his decision to serve his country. Even though it's been a year since I have seen him, he calls me every week to talk and keep me up to date on what he has been doing. ...



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