Welcome to My Kid Did It!  This is a family friendly place where parents and grandparents can post stories about their kids in a safe environment for all ages to read, enjoy and share. 

Every parent and grandparent we know has a story to tell about their kids and grandchildren.  We have many of them that we have shared as our children have grown.  MyKidDidIt.com is a place where you tell those stories to share with the My Kid Did It community.  We are a family friendly site for all ages so please keep it clean.  So feel free to register and post anything that is noteworthy about kids. 

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Around age 10, my oldest son thought it was funny to run around saying "I'm the village idiot!" over and over again.  One day, I had him sitting at the kitchen table doing homework which he was trying to get out of.  He got up from his chair then walked over and picked up the phone.  ...
Follow up to my previous video, showing Sam Gordon on ESPN tackling Marshall Faulk and injuring Warren Sapp. Pretty funny....
My sister was cleaning up her house after her grandson left and found this on the wall.  Zeki's amazing Pop Art?
 M.I.T. has interest in this amazing young man.  Built his own radio station/channel. ...



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